Education Services

Education Services

Here at Rottech, our programs are supported by high-quality, comprehensive services for our students and their families. Here you will find all available services for students who choose to study with us, as well as important documents and procedural information for prospective exchange students.

Where is Michigan?

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              *State of Michigan                                                                                                                                             RETG Chinese Partner Schools

Michigan is located in the Midwestern United States, having a long history of agricultural and innovative excellence. From cherries to apples, blueberries and more, Michigan is a leader of fresh produce. This is also the state that hosted the birthplace for the automotive industry in Detroit, Michigan with Henry Ford. Surrounded by four lakes, those who wish to visit Michigan will have the opportunity to experience a state with the perfect blend of nature and modernity.

Where is Jenison?

Our students will be living in West Michigan in Jenison, a part of the Greater Grand Rapids area. Students will be able to experience life in an American suburb, with opportunities to better understand both American and local cultures. For more information on what the West Michigan area has to offer, visit

International Exchange Program

Since 2012, Rottech has partnered with Jenison Public Schools (JPS) and ten other schools in China to create our international program. On average we have anywhere between 15-20 students studying with us, and this number is expected to double in the following years. Our program recruits students from both public and private schools who wish to finish their high school education in the United States.

Our goal is to ensure the best experience for all of our study abroad students. In order to provide these services, our students and families must be aware of certain policies and regulations our programs adhere to, as well as specific program and area information.

Winter/Summer Camp Students

For those who wish to have unique educational experiences without the time commitment of a full study abroad program, our company’s Winter and Summer camps are a great alternative. Rottech also offers themed camps (such as swimming, music and art camp, etc.) for students who would like to participate.

Host Families

Rottech is here as a support system for exchange students and their host families. Hosting a student is a life-changing, unique opportunity that brings its benefits and challenges. Below are some resources for host families on what to prepare and expect from the host students, as well as expectations they may have for their host families. The end goal is to have both the student and the family participate in mutual cultural exchange and lasting memories.


Our team is happy to assist students in their applications for our programs; below are downloadable versions of the necessary paperwork for international exchange students.

School Placement

We are partnered with the Jenison International Academy to give prospective students access to top educators and facilities. We also have several surrounding schools that work with us to assist students who wish to complete their high school education here in the United States.


Rottech ensures the safety and stability of students while studying with us; our team works with students and host families to find the best fit for each student. Additionally, our company also has accommodations for students who are returning or who weren’t able to be placed with a host family.

  • Host Family Information
  • Rottech Housing


Throughout the school year, both the JIA and Rottech will host special events for exchange students and their host families. More information will be given to students and host families as events are planned–see our events page for updates.


For exchange students who are living with a host family, they will need to arrange transportation to school, events, and outside activities with their host family. Public transportation is available, but can be inconvenient and infrequent for student’s needs. In cases of emergencies or pre-approved situations, we can also provide transportation services for those who study with us.

  • School Bus
  • Host Families
  • Local Transportation

Healthcare and Emergencies

We implement every possible measure to safeguard against injuries or illness. In the event your child does fall ill, we work to make sure they are taken care of by the best medical facilities in a swift, efficient manner.

  • Local Hospitals
  • Health Insurance
    • All students will have coverage purchased for them for the entire length of their program.

University Application Advising

For those that wish to continue their university studies here, Rottech provides personalized college counseling services to help students choose the best university based on their needs and personality. Through extensive interviews, TOEFL scores, personal statement essay writing, and the use of personality and career tests (BTI, CEA), students are able to comfortably apply for universities and programs in which they will find the most success. Advising for students major/minor program path is also available.

Other Services

Our company is here to support our students in their pursuit of academic excellence. Below are a few more of the services our students will have access to:

  • Student Visa Application
  • Tutoring
  • AP Test Prep
  • ACT/SAT Prep

For further questions, please contact:

Jessie Clay
International Program Coordinator
+1 616-228-4495


*Source:, “Map of Michigan in the United States, created by user TUBBS, July 30th, 2011. Date accessed: July 14th, 2016.


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