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Welcome to Rotman Education Technology Group

Transforming Education, Transforming Lives

Our History

Founded in 2014, Rotman Education Technology Group is an industry leader that unites the latest technological tools with educational practice. Three distinct branches of our business work together to provide the best service possible to students and staff. Our Global IT solutions team creates the solid technological basis for smooth operations overseas; our online school provides a platform to give access to quality courses from the U.S. to students abroad, and our domestic office allows for language education opportunities for local students to enhance their current studies.

Our Mission

We believe in the ability of technology and education to transform the lives of students both domestically and abroad. Our primary focus is to provide excellent, affordable education with an advanced technological base to burgeoning Asian markets (such as China), and applying this to our growing domestic markets.

Competitive Advantage

Our online education services give students and families the opportunity to access quality English education that may have not been previously available to them. As study abroad courses can be expensive and time-consuming, online courses allow students of all backgrounds to receive an education that can help prepare them to succeed on competitive university applications and in job markets.

Exclusive Partnership 

Rottech is the exclusive partner of Jenison International Academy for the Chinese market, creating opportunities for students in China to study abroad in the United States. Click here for more information about JIA and their programs.


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 Long Term Host Families Needed    
We are currently looking for host families for students who will be coming to Jenison for the 2018-19 school year.
Please email studentsupport@rottech.org for additional information. A stipend is provided.


Teacher Recruitment
For teachers who are interested in joining our team for our 2018 Summer Camp in China,
or who are interested in being full or part-time teahers with Rottech,
please visit our
Teacher Recruitment page for more information and how to apply
or email studentsupport@rottech.org with questions or more information.


 Chinese Immersion Class 

  Join us here at Rottech to learn the Chinese language and the culture behind it.
Classes will run for one to two hours once a week, and are completely free. 
Yes, free! This is a service provided by Rotman Education Technology group and is open to all.
This will begin at the end of September in 2018.  Please click here for more info!