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Global IT Solutions

For our online school, our team of well-trained IT specialists in China provide high-quality, efficient technical services. This enables our online courses to run smoothly and for in-country problem solving solutions. Our in-house system specialists help to create software programs and maintenance tools to ensure systems run at quality levels. Currently, we operate with Blackboard and Edmodo, and will be transitioning into our own platforms for better service to our students in China.

In addition, our Global IT solutions branch provides end-to-end strategy consultancy as well as software development and maintenance service for global clients to achieve their business goals. Costs are significantly reduced and quality is enhanced through a balance between offshore and onshore operation modes. Our IT team can create optimized solutions and application integration solutions in accordance to each individual business (including specialized IT demands to maximize IT value return), allowing for a more competitive edge within each market. Our services provide a whole-package approach, from software development to business infrastructure, security and more.

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Our Services

World-class packaged software solution (evaluation, selection, and implementation)

24/7 system maintenance, administration and defect management support ● Business analysis ● Global and regional roll-outs

Training implementation ● Online support and maintenance ● Version upgrades ● Flexible dual-shore model ● International tech solutions

For specific service information, please see the links below:

Software Development

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Enterprise Application Service


Testing Services

Automated Testing Solution

Software Development

Outstanding Development Boosts Value

On average, an organization spends approximately 70% of their IT budget maintaining IT operations and functions. Therefore, it is vital to conduct IT management and application maintenance effectively and efficiently. With the latest technology and tools, we have developed an extensive system which supports the needs of a global business that operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, significantly trimming the development period. Based on rich and in-depth knowledge and experience in the internet technology field, we have cultivated outstanding project execution capability, transparent management, and holistic process control. GDF is adopted in the offshore operations mode which creates an all-around framework to support not only the development solutions, but the entire management implementation as well.

Software Development and Maintenance Service

Our high quality guarantee methods, along with quick delivery periods make us one of the most competitive organizations in this arena. The availability and use of abundant software can maximize portability and expandability, which then increases cost-effective productivity.

Tools and services included:

  • All-encompassing technology package (software design, development, testing, implementation, management, maintenance)
  • Service in the complete development process
    1. demand analysis
    2. design
    3. coding
    4. testing
    5. arrangement
    6. post-implementation support
  • Assist clients on simplifying business processes and develop specialized solutions
  • Transplant and modernize previous systems via service-oriented SOA in targeted platforms
  • Years of development and maintenance experience on large-size computer and open source systems
  • Software package solutions for antiquated, large-size computer systems

Multiple Technology and Platform Experience:

  • NET
  • SOA
  • AS400/RPG
  • Java
  • Web-based application
  • RIA
  • Mobile application
  • BI/Siebel/SFDC development

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Outsourcing has become both a matter of labor arbitrage and a strategic move toward business transformation. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can free up valuable resources from labor-intensive procedures and control costs, enabling a greater focus on your core business.

Our objective is to drive substantial long-term partnerships that result in cost reductions and performance improvements, enabling organizations to do more for their customers and shareholders. On average, we have achieved an accuracy of 99.9% and a turnover period of 100%.

We provide global clients with BPO solutions with high quality standards and processes, rich knowledge and tools, as well as professional resource management. Offering both proprietary BPO solutions and BPO solutions with our Offshore Development Center (ODC) best practices, we focus on building deep and lasting relationships to deliver significant value.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Offshore Development Center (ODC), an increasingly popular business mode, helps companies of various scales enhance production efficiency and reduce operation costs through offshore development talent. Widely considered as an effective tool, ODC has high visibility and predictability.

Chinese ODC performs as an important part of the globally diversified development strategy for many enterprises and as a supplementary strategy for overseas enterprises to enter the Chinese market. Establishment of specific ODC strategies is considered a good choice for stepping into the Chinese market or to raise market shares. No matter what strategy an enterprise uses while entering the Chinese market, Chinese ODC will make a significant difference in the effective achievement and timeliness of that goal. The importance of strategic planning processes should never be neglected as offshore development not only meets the demand of technology and quality, but requires tenets of mutual tolerance, trust and respect. It is essential to the success of an offshore strategy that appropriate ODC partners are selected.

Our ODC consulting service will help you explore suitable partners as well as create a plan tailored to your business goals. (2.6 Global Product Service, is this supposed to be here?)

Enterprise Application Service

With globalization becoming more prevalent, it is vital that businesses track other enterprises around the world. Implementation of a coordinated global enterprise strategy has become not a choice but a necessity and requires sophisticated systems and processes to be successful. However, with increased sophistication comes increased complexity and rising costs. Executives face the ultimate challenge of simultaneously increasing their global focus while reducing costs. How is this done?

By reducing your overall IT expenditures while increasing organizational effectiveness is precisely where application outsourcing can become an integral part of your comprehensive IT strategy. Our goal is to provide innovative and seamless customized implementation and services to offer cost effective solutions for stability and consistent results.

Our Global IT Solutions team has over a decade of experience in the design, implementation, and support of many Fortune 500 companies’ large enterprise application systems. Our collaborative partnerships with SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft allow us to deploy a full range of holistic, client-tailored package solutions that include construction, management, maintenance and upgrades. These can cover the full spectrum of your enterprise needs (ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, BI, EAI).

Our team is ready to assist your business in the following areas:


Our flexible Oracle enterprise software solutions manage business processes effectively, focusing on finance, accounting, production, operation, and pricing-related processes. Our capabilities span the full spectrum of Oracle applications including Fusion, E-Business Suite, Siebel, and PeopleSoft.


We provide powerful enterprise software solutions in such areas as resource planning, customer and supplier relationship management, supply chain, and product life cycle management.

MS Dynamics

As a long-time co-operator with Microsoft, we have excelled in providing application services via the technology and resources of the Microsoft enterprise platform.


Multi-language services are offered through various types of materials by a combination of a professional translation team and native speakers. Our language talents will provide you with specialized term service with the aid of translation memory applications. High efficiency and quality output is guaranteed by integrating Pre-Translation Engineering (PTE) into translation tools and monitoring systems. We have extensive expertise in translating the following content fields:

  • documentation
  • software
  • marketing
  • website
  • legal
  • medical

In regard to translation and workflow, we use the following proven tools to deliver consistent results:

  • Trados
  • Passolo
  • Catalyst
  • Multiterm
  • IBM TM/Win
  • Idiom WorldServer
  • Transit/RC-Wintrans/LocStudio

Online Learning and Multimedia Localization

We are dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions for online learning and multimedia localization. This includes audio/video editing and engineering, voice recording, flash animation and integration, script localization, and quality assurance testing. We leverage both full-time recording artists and a global network of professional voice talents to serve our clients' needs.

Machine Translation and Post Editing

We provide specific machine translation (MT) solutions and arrange well-trained linguistic talents for post-production translated contents. Both client-specific engines and our own MT engine are utilized in our work.

Agile Localization

The Customizable Agile Localization (CAL) process is provided for agile development. We have the experience and methodologies necessary to handle the challenge of “sprint” projects entailing frequent and time sensitive requirements. We also employ workflow automation technology to improve communication efficiency and meet the critical turnaround times in agile projects.

Engineering Services

Our service is supported by a well-designed framework of practices combined with a global web-based project management. Through mutual localization processes and workflows, the latest technology and tools, and continuous internal development of proprietary tools, as well as strict quality control, our team ensures consistent delivery of high-quality work above and beyond standard services.

Voice Transcription

We provide multi-language voice transcription and video dubbing services with native speaking transcriptionists from the target countries that currently live in China. This guarantees not only authenticity in the translation, but also reduces costs. Our proprietary transcription workflow system integrates data preparation, transcription, quality assurance, and project management in the same platform to achieve our quality and efficiency standards.

Our voice transcription service includes features as follows:

  • Streamlines operation and provides shortcut functions, increasing transcription speed by ten times as compared to manual transcription
  • Project management platform automates task assignment and progress tracking, reducing project management efforts by 50%
  • Project breakdown into smaller sections (part of which is handled with self-developed automation tools)increases efficiency by 20%
  • Self-learning training system and newcomer monitoring system reduces training cycle by 70%
  • Online client/server frame allows for remote work, anytime and anywhere
  • Employment of crowd-sourced engineering work

Technical Writing

With strong infrastructure, technical expertise, intensive product development experience and linguistic knowledge, we lead in delivering user-oriented technical documentation writing services.

Our technical writing team works with you to identify your target audience, what they want to know about your product, and how they access information. We work closely with your business to perform knowledge and technology training on your products. Technical authors draw on many years of IT working experience to describe complex technical systems with concise expressions. These technical writing services cover a variety of documents including system description, installation guides, user guides, case guides, version notes, license agreements, and more.

Strengths in technical writing include:

  • Rich industry experience and professional knowledge earned through our long-time collaboration with customers on product development
  • Mature process in handling large scale service projects and strong capabilities in enabling technology-centric processes
  • Low cost in global delivery capability
  • Thorough, full-cycle technical writing experience

In-depth technical knowledge covering a wide range of areas:

  • Source code editing in Visual C ++ / C, VB, JAVA, NET, SQL, Object-C, PHP and GO.
  • Support output with RoboHelp, WebWorks Publisher, Epic Editor/Print Composer and RenderX.
  • Expertise in writing help files for HTML, Workshop and HTML QA.

Experience managing the following solutions and corresponding file formats:

Adobe FrameMaker ● InDesign ● Photoshop ● Illustrator Quark Xpress ● Microsoft Office Suite ● Desktop Publishing

In addition, our DTP team is experienced inhandling desktop publishing (DTP) with full language coverage, including product manuals, technical documentation, marketing materials, screen shots and graphic manipulation. DTP has become an integral component of the localization life-cycle, and our team has valuable technical capabilities, quality assurance skills and project scalability experience.

DTP industrialized process is conducted as:

  • Pre-production analysis to determine the most efficient workflow strategy and file set-up
  • Preparation of files for multilingual desktop publishing
  • Multilingual files publishing in DTP applications
  • Final quality assurance

Webpage Globalization

We serve as a trusted website globalization partner with a platform that covers over three million users. Offerings include end-to-end solutions including strategic planning, resource selection and allocation, process refinement, website construction, content localization, maintenance, and search engine optimization.

Software Global Readiness Solution

Our software global readiness solution provides a holistic solution to the entire product life-cycle. With increasing globalization, software products often need to be released in multiple languages to fit different markets. The adoption of different languages is not a simple translation of the interface and documentation text, but rather a systematic process requiring specific attention throughout the software development life-cycle (SDLC). This includes design, coding, functional testing, translation, linguistic testing and common cultural appropriateness review.

Utilizing a software development project with global release readiness at the beginning of a project has been shown to save significant time and effort in developing and updating multi-locale versions. With more than 5 years of experience providing services related to software multi-locale adaptation, our team offersa software global readiness solution that enables clients to stay on the right track in software development and marketing.

Testing Services

Our team provides different levels of testing services based on individual business needs. For specific service availability, please see sections below.

Testing Services

  • User acceptance testing
    1. All-around user acceptance testing services throughout all stages of product development, simulating application and software functionality from the end user’s perspective
  • Automation testing services
    1. Assures error-free repetitive testing, improves development efficiency, decreases cycle times and detects quality regression issues
  • Business testing service
    1. Software system behavioral checks to ensure that functionality is in line with the business operation of the client
  • Security testing
    1. Guarantees confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization and non-repudiation of essential system data
  • Requirement management service
    1. Assists developers avoid communication inefficiency during software and application development process. Clear instructions are gained via documentation, analysis and prioritization of project outcome requirements, providing developers with an invaluable means of controlling development activity
  • Shortlist compilation and selection testing service
    1. Compares data from all testing tools and platforms available to help clients decide which tools or platforms are most compatible with their testing needs

Service Advantages

  • All-around testing to assess compliance frees developers from conducting tests across a range of constantly evolving platforms and devices
  • Immediate access to a rapidly scalable project team enables developers to deliver sophisticated products faster and save valuable internal resources
  • Extensive cross-cultural project management experience provides highly efficient development processes and shortens the marketing period, reducing costs

Specialized Fields

  • End-to-end application and software testing service, strategy, and implementation
  • Development and design of tools and test automation scripts
  • Project scope, objectives, and requirement definition
  • Development monitoring and testing
  • Quality and security controls based on international industry practices and standards, including CMMI, Test MMI & CNAS, and ITIL

Localization Verification Testing

We have the world's largest localization verification testing workshop in terms of language, providing:

  • Localization completion testing
  • Localization verification testing
  • Function verification testing
  • Localization regression testing

Globalization Testing

A collaboration has occurred recently between software I18n developments and testing through well-designed frameworks. Task-oriented and quality-oriented software testing methodologies for G11n and L10n testing are employed to optimize project workflows, quality assurance processes and procedures in the Center of Excellence (COE).An integrated management platform is provided during the application establishment process, which helps developers to better manage projects as well as explore problems in current systems.

The globalization service covers:

  • Internationalization (I18n) Development Process
  • Global development
  • Global testing
  • Localization testing
  • Application Establishment Process Management and Consulting

HA-PDCA for Telecommunications, Finance and Government

Our teamcontinually improves application establishment processes through professional HA-PDCA cycles, enabling developers to find optimal solutions before committing to a specific establishment work.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) In-process Audits

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) In-process Audits evaluates a developer’s application establishment and software development plans, as well as recommends improvements to the process or model currently used, including any necessary time and cost revisions.

Performance Testing and Monitoring

Problems in existing systems are explored by means of simulation tests. Transaction time and system performance are monitored in order to allow valuable adjustments and improvements to developer applications and software.

Latest performance testing technologies include:

  • OpenSTA
  • Loadrunner
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • Web Capacity Analysis Tool (WCAT)

Meanwhile, we provide technical support and maintenance service as follows:

  • Requirement management tools
  • Change management tools
  • Configuration management tools
  • Automated testing tools
  • Testing management tools
  • Security scanning tools
  • Requirement management platform
  • Process management platform
  • Automated testing tools
  • Reporting tools

Additional Services

Our enhanced skill, efficient project management, and mature Six-Sigma and ISO 9001 processes drive higher software quality.

  • Capable of supporting communication between developers and suppliers, allowing developers to focus more resources on application and software development
  • Monitor all stages of the application establishment process, providing regular feedback to developers and improving application quality
  • Our extensive resources allow for creation of testing environments ranging from simple to complex
  • Simulate the most catastrophic end-user scenarios within our dedicated network of labs, resulting in minimal risk of software system failure.
  • Our passionate team manages all phases throughout the project and excels in “MadDog” automation, constantly identifying loopholes in testing strategies and creating additional scripts to improve accuracy
  • We provide explicit benchmark data, specific to customer requirements

Automated Testing Solution

Automated testing, as an increasingly popular and evolutionary test methodology, provides a supplement for manual testing. This allows for cost efficiency, repeatable execution, defect reproduction and flexible test scenario building.

MARS (Manual test Automatic Run System)

  • Testing scripts not needed---draw the test scenarios and cases by dragging and dropping
  • Introduce AUT (Application Under Test) visualization (what is seen is what will be achieved)
  • Support test case recording (test product will be final product)
  • Automatically generate test reports in English and Chinese
  • Cooperative testing among multiple users, supporting roles assigned and enabling permissions management

The testing framework system is featured as:

  • Re-use of previous automated test cases
  • Development efficiency improvement
  • Development cost reduction

Test Library

The test library contains a large storage of previously developed automated test scripts as well as DLL functions for automated testing. These resources are combined to create specific functions and procedures for automated testing needs.

  • Types of library
  • Basic library
  • Component library
  • Service sharing library
  • Product specialized library